Tours In Fiji, Terms And Conditions

Company Information and Local Business Partners

  • We promote and sell tour tickets for selected local tours in Fiji, the tours are provided by tour operators based in Fiji. They are separate and independent entities to our business. We call them our local business partners.
  • All online purchase transactions are made in Australian dollars.
  • By law, we may be required to submit or disclose your information to relevant Our local business partners are registered companies in Fiji. They carry their own business insurance policies, and operates under Fijian government regulation and directives.

Booking and Refund Policy

  • Tickets purchased are non-refundable, except where tour is cancelled due to unforeseen reasons, such as, strikes, act of God, such as, cyclones, flood or any other situations that is deemed as appropriate by TIF for the safety and security of the patrons. Refunds under such circumstances may take up to 14 days.
  • Tickets are not transferable to another session, tour(s) or person(s).
  • Changes will require purchase of new booking for the same number of persons first, after which refunds will be provided to the cancelled booking. This must be done 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure by contacting TIF through e-mail. Changes will incur fee of $15 per person.
  • No shows will not be entitled for refunds or transfer to another service. At the discretion of the TIF and local tour operator, you may be able claim for a partial refund, the amount to be determined at the time of new booking, should you book another tour by purchasing new tour first for the same number of persons.

Security Checks, Local Customs and Traditions

  • Certain sites are subject to security checks according to the international guidelines and Fijian laws.
  • Tickets are not transferable to another session, tour(s) or person(s).
  • Proof of identity by photo and name may be required before boarding the tour.
  • You cannot board the tour vehicle unless you have valid ticket. You must present your electronic ticket or paper ticket to the local operator before boarding the vehicle.

Tour Specifics

  • Whilst we endeavour to provide the most updated and correct tour information to our valued clients, the all-round journey and tour experience may differ slightly to what has been exactly advertised due to local situations and circumstances. TIF will not provide refunds or partial refunds, be liable for any claims or receive publishments detrimental to our business as a result of such differences in experience.
  • From time to time, for the purpose of marketing, advertising and business promotions, our authorised representatives take site photographs. You consent to the publishment of such image and contents for use by TIF only.
  • TIF or local tour operator will not assume responsibility for loss of ticket information and is not obliqued to issue replacement ticket based on payments received prior. You will need to contact TIF to report loss of ticket 24 hours prior to the tour departure in such situation. A small fee of $20 for issuance of replacement ticket may apply.
  • The tour departure and arrival times may vary slightly depending upon the local situation, TIF will not be responsible or liable for adverse consequences as a result of delays or adjustments to the travel times.
  • You may carry small hand carry bags, back packs, in any case no more than exceeding 10kg.
  • TIF recommends all persons to safeguard their personal belongings at all times.


  • All laws regarding ticket sales are governed by NSW, Australian laws.
  • It may take up to 4 hours for our call centre to respond to your e-mail or phone call enquiry.
  • Our terms and conditions may change anytime without notice.


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